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Gene Melton, CLU & Associates is a broker office.  This means we work for you, the client, to find what you need.  We have the ability to sell the great majority of the companies available which allows us the opportunity to work for you and only you.  We begin with acquiring quotes from all the available companies and then present the options to you.  We offer a wide variety of plans and deductibles, so we can gear the benefits to your specifications.

We currently offer a variety of opportunities for both individual and group participants.    We realize that most people have their benefits through their employer, such as a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) health plan.  We work to help you find the most affordable method to cover your family in the event the unforeseen happens.  By working closely with our clients we help them find what works best for them and their family, whether that be staying where they currently are or moving to a different type of policy. 

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